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April 9, 2019
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April 9, 2019 vrcaadmin

Volunteering is mandatory when participating in the Valley Ridge Soccer Program.

A $120 volunteer cheque, dated for June 15th and payable to the VRCA, will be collected from all families prior to receiving your jersey on the first day of practice.  It will NOT be cashed unless you fail to complete a 3hr volunteer option.

Please remember to bring your cheque with you.  Until it is received, your child cannot play.

If you do not wish to volunteer, you can purchase a $120 buyout option online, or indicate that you wish your cheque to be cashed.

When you register your child, you will be asked for your top three volunteering choices.  You will be placed in one of those choices that most meets the needs of the soccer program.  You will be informed of your final position once the soccer teams have been made up for that season.  Please do not indicate a volunteer position that you are unwilling to participate in.  This is disruptive to the organization of the teams.

Volunteer Positions – SOCCER COMMITTEE


Soccer Committee Chair: Christa McKegney:  Organizes the committee; recruits committee members; assigns tasks where appropriate; liaises with the City Parks Department and with the VRCA Board of Directors. Organizes teams and volunteer lists through the VRCA database.

Uniform Coordinator:  Not Required in 2020:  Order designated uniforms and coordinate distribution of the uniforms through Division Coordinators.

Coach Coordinator:   Dori:  Organize training for coaches and distribution of kits (balls, whistles, etc.).  Correspond with coaches re: beginning and end of season procedures.

Volunteer Coordinator:  VACANT:  Organizes all volunteers. Works with event coordinators, the executive and team managers to cross-check parent volunteer effort.

Soccer Committee Members

Division Coordinators:   VACANT (U4); Josh (U5/U6); Alyssa(U8/U10).  Is a committee member and participates with planning prior to and during the season. Makes contact with team managers prior to season start, and assists as necessary throughout the season. Creates team schedules and assists with team setup.  Assists with uniform distribution, distributes team lists and schedules, and communicates regularly with teams and the Soccer Committee. Should attend committee meetings whenever possible to assist with division planning.

Club Photo & Medal Coordinator:   VACANT:  Organize photographer for team photos and communicate with Division Coordinators re: procedures, dates, times. Distribute photos and end of season mementos to Division Coordinators.

Field Coordinator: VACANT  Sets up field maps; arranges for seasonal field marking through Calgary West Soccer.  Puts up soccer information board and updates with soccer schedules.  Arranges for seasonal Port-o-Potty rental through the VRCA Board.

Equipment Kit Coordinator:  Travis:  Completes pre-season inventory and prepare kits for each team.  Receive equipment from coaches at end of season.  Take inventory – report to the committee any missing or broken equipment that will need to be replaced/repaired for next season.

BBQ Coordinator:  VACANT:  Works with the VRCA to organize the community/soccer BBQ.  Coordinate volunteers and signage.

During the Season:

Team Managers:  One per Team.  Liaise with Division Coordinators and Coaches and/or Team families depending on the situation.  Emails the team list and schedule to each team family.  Reminds team of upcoming dates (i.e. Photo day, BBQ) and to visit website for information.  Provides jersey numbers to the Division Coordinator.  Often organizes the snack schedule, determined by the team.  Assists with Photo Day and distributes picture packages to each family on their team.  Works with the Jersey Coordinator to collect the $120 volunteer cheques on the first day of practice.

Jersey Coordinators: One per Team.  Hands out jerseys at the beginning of practice.  Collects them back at the end of practice.  Washes them several times throughout the season and at the end of season.  Hands uniforms back to the division coordinator.  Collects the $120 volunteer cheque on the first day of practice before handing out the uniform.

Coaches:  Two per team.  Encouraged to take a coaching clinic prior to season start.  Runs practices.  Coordinates with Team Manager.

Other Options: 

Community & Field Clean Up (3-4 hrs) – May 2, 2020.  Start time 9 a.m.

Community BBQ & Activity Day – June 20, 2020 (rain-out date is September 5).  Start time 7:30 am.

In coordination with the VRCA:

Pick up supplies

Set up tables/chairs

Sell/receive tickets

Serve food

Cook (BBQ)

Assist with events held at BBQ