March 23, 2020 Catherine Cornfield

Dear Valley Ridge residents:

The West Calgary Ring Road project team has advised Valley Ridge Community Association about some upcoming temporary closures in Bowness Park:

“As part of the Bow River Bridge twinning project, we will be building an in-river berm on the south shore of the Bow River. In-river work is only permitted during specific time periods set out by the Water Act to avoid impacts to fish and fish habitat and protect fall and winter spawning species.

This work will involve high volumes of construction vehicles, so to complete the work safely in the limited time allowed for in-river work, there will be no vehicle access to Bowness Park from April 6 – 20, 2020.

During this same time, the pathway west of Stoney Trail connecting Valley Ridge and Bowness Park will also be fully closed with no detour available and no access to the pedestrian bridge to or from the west.

Bowness Park will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists east of Stoney Trail and access to the pedestrian bridge to and from the east will remain open.”

For more details please visit > Bow River Bridge.

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