Community Garden

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

The Valley Ridge Community Garden is a beautiful green oasis in our community. We welcome you to visit the garden, sit among the plants, and enjoy quiet time.

The community garden was built in 2012 by Valley Ridge residents to encourage novice and seasoned gardeners to grow plants, knowledge and friendships. The community garden consists of 31 raised garden boxes available for rent each year, a large herb plot, four corner benches with flower boxes and a raised stage which faces the west. The garden is located by the ice rink and main playground near Valley Meadow Close. The garden boxes rent for $35/season. To rent a box, a VRCA membership of $35 is also required.

The stage is available for use. Please contact the Music in the Garden Coordinator at

Why Rent a Garden Box?

When you rent a community garden box, you gain:

  • A dedicated garden box near your home
  • The satisfaction of planting, nurturing, harvesting, and eating your own produce
  • Learning great gardening tips from other Valley Ridge residents
  • Having fun during garden work bees. We have lots of laughs as we shovel compost and pull weeds together!

Ready to rent a Garden Box?

Garden Registration opens the 2nd Monday in February at 9:00 a.m.!

If the website will not let you register, it means all boxes are rented. Please email to add your name to the wait list. Occasionally, boxes become available due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sign Up Today!

Click the registration button, then follow the prompts.

For liability and insurance purposes, you must have a valid annual VRCA MEMBERSHIP to rent a community garden box. If you need a VRCA membership, you will be given the option to purchase it in conjunction with the garden fee.

Each household can rent ONE box to start with. This keeps it fair for all Valley Ridge residents. If you wish a second box, please to add your name to the wait list. After registration is complete, we will then assign second boxes.  Thank you.

Volunteering as a Garden Box Renter

Garden members are assigned certain volunteer responsibilities to ensure that the garden season goes smoothly for everyone. You will be asked for your preferences when registering. Here are some of the volunteer options available:

  • Garden Coordinators
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Garden Communication Coordinator
  • Garden box assignment
  • Events Coordinator
  • Water Scheduler
  • Valley Breeze newsletter writer
  • Compost preparation
  • Gardening Advisors
  • Herb box maintenance
  • Flower boxes maintenance
  • Water barrel setup and take down
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Stage maintenance
  • Shed maintenance
  • Weeders and garbage patrol
  • Photographer
  • Signage Coordinator
  • Grant Writer
  • Floaters (help in any area)

Become a “Friend of the Garden”

Not interested in renting a garden box, yet interested in gardening or taking part in some of the events? You can become a “friend” of the Valley Ridge Community Garden. Register your email at and you will receive notices about gardening events (speakers, socials, work bees, gardening information, etc.).

Connect with other Calgary Community Gardens

The Calgary Horticultural Society supports community gardens in Calgary. Check their website to locate other gardens, learn about gardening presentations offered throughout the year, sign up for a community garden newsletter, and join in special events. .

Horticultural Society website: