Batch 1 of our amazing Silent Auction Donors for the “All that Glitters” Nov 2nd, event!

Good Morning Valley Ridge!
Our Fall Social event is just around the corner, and we’d like to thank a few of our donors for the silent auction. There are MORE to come, but we’ll thank everyone in batches!

Many many appreciations go out to our donors:

Valley Ridge Golf Club ( Two (2) Green fees with power cart

Burwood Distillery ( – Tour and tasting voucher for six (6) people

Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos ( – Piano tuning gift certificate (valued at $180)

Beacon Hill Chiropractic & Massage ( – Evolution Chair ($165) and 1 hour massage ($95)

Estate Yard Care ( – 2 Apple watches

Cleary Bikes Canada ( – Balance Bike

Kristie O’Brien – Homemade Quilt

Hippo Overland Gear ( – Table cloth and Cutlery Bag

Our event is filling up fast, but there are still a few tickets left to purchase! Get yours today!

Silent Auction Items Requested for VRCA Social Event on November 2, 2019

Dear Neighbours,

The Valley Ridge Community Association would greatly appreciate if you would take a few minutes to read about our upcoming event and consider supporting our community by donating to our silent auction.

On Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 we will be hosting the All That Glitters fall social and silent auction at the Valley Ridge Golf Club.  We are expecting up to 100 guests at this function and all of the funds raised will be used to expand public facilities and support community residents.  To make this event as exciting and successful as possible, we need your help! 

We ask that you please consider supporting our event by donation.  In turn, the VRCA will promote your business at our event by brightly displaying your donation of gift certificates, merchandise or services as part of our auction.  In participating we ensure you will receive excellent community exposure and advertising. All donations will be brightly highlighted at the event and will be shared in the December edition of the Valley Breeze which will include your company name, address, phone number.  

With your permission all personal donations will be highlighted with your name at the event and included in the event highlights in the December issue of the Valley Breeze.   

At your convenience, we will gladly pick up your donation.  For your donation to be included we must receive it by Thursday October 30th, 2019. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Shari Burton at (780) 380-1599 or email  Thank you in advance for considering our request and for supporting the Valley Ridge Community Association. 

All That Glitters – VRCA Fall Social

The VRCA Board would like to invite you to attend the All That Glitters adult fall social November 2, 2019.  The event will be held in the River Room at the Valley Ridge Golf Club.  Doors will swing wide open at 7:00PM. Delicious station and passed appetizers will be provided.  A full cash bar will be open for all your adult beverages. 

Enjoy the music of our local live bank Rock Paper Lizards to dance and mingle the evening away.    

Tickets are on sale for $35.00 each and can be purchased through Eventbrite at the following URL:                                                                                                        

There are limited tickets available so be sure to get yours today.  A link to the event can also be found on our Facebook page and community website.

Come on out and meet your neighbours in a fun relaxing environment right here in Valley Ridge.

2020 Important Soccer Dates

Valley Ridge 2020 Soccer Season – Calendar 




Community Clean Up Saturday, May 2 9 am-12noon
U4/U5/U6 Coach Clinic – Valley Ridge Soccer Fields TBA TBA
U8/U10 Coach Clinic – Valley Ridge Soccer fields TBA TBA
First day of soccer, U4 and U5/U6 Monday, April 20 5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (U4)
6:15 p.m – 7:00 p.m. (U5 & U6)
First day of soccer – U8, U10 Tuesday, April 21 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
U4/U5/U6 Pictures – no game – pickup games optional Monday, May 11 5:15pm-7pm
U8/U10 Pictures – no game – pickup games optional Tues, May 12 6pm-7pm
Victoria Day – U4 rescheduled to  Wednesday May 20 Monday, May 18  No Practice on Monday
U10 Springbank Tournament TBA 10am-12noon
 Community BBQ & Activity Day – East Fields  Saturday, June 20 (rain date September 5)  10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
VRCA coordinator & VRSC coordinator
U4 Soccer Season Ends Monday, June 15
U5/U6 Soccer Season Ends Wednesday, June 17
U8 & U10 Soccer Season Ends Thursday, June 18
Equip return/sort – East Fields – please return any equip./uniforms you may have on this day. Last Game                 Day
See you next year!

New Website

We’ve spent the last few months working on a new website. We think it’s a great way to show off our community and help our neighbours stay in touch with eachother. If you have any ideas on how to make this website better we’d love to hear it! Send your comments to

Parent Code of Ethics

Valley Ridge Soccer Club

Parent Code of Conduct


The essential elements of character building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. The highest potential of sports is achieved when competition reflects these six pillars of character.

I therefore agree:

  1. I will not force my child to participate in sports.
  2. I will remember that children participate to have fun.
  3. I will inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.
  4. I will learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league.
  5. I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game, practice or other sporting event.
  6. I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.
  7. I will not encourage any behaviour or practices that would endanger the health and wellbeing of the athletes.
  8. I will teach my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  9. I will teach my child to treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  10. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game or his/her performance.
  11. I will praise my child for competing fairly and trying hard, and make my child feel like a winner every time.
  12. I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participant for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  13. I will emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit my child over winning. I will also de-emphasize games and competition in the lower age groups.
  14. I will promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of the athletes ahead of any personal desire I may have for my child to win.
  15. I will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game field, and will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.
  16. I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team. I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:

∙ Verbal warning by the coach, and/or the chair of the Valley Ridge Soccer Club.

∙ Written warning.

∙  Parental game suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file by organizations involved.

∙  Game forfeit through the coach.

∙  Parental season suspension.

Name of Parent or Guardian (1) Name of Parent of Guardian (2)
Date and Signature (1) Date and Signature (2)
Name of Athlete(s) Age Group

2020 Soccer Family Waiver Form

Valley Ridge Soccer Club Registration – 2020 Outdoor Season


All families signing up for Valley Ridge Soccer must have a 2020 VRCA Membership; this fee can be

added to your registration fees prior to payment, or with registration. If you register two or more children in separate registration sessions, you will only purchase one VRCA Membership, as they are “per household”.

The Valley Ridge Community Association (VRCA) collects personal information for its own use; it does

not sell or otherwise distribute this information. Email notices regarding community events will be sent

to members from time to time. You will be given the option to opt in to this service (and out of it)at any time.


Refunds will be given prior to February 28th, 2020 subject to a $25 administration fee.

REFUNDS will be given after February 28th, 2020 subject to a $50 administration fee.

REFUNDS will not be given after April 16th, 2020.

Late registrations (April 1 thru April 15) will only be accepted if there is room on a team roster, and will

be subject to a $10 administration fee.

VRCA membership fees are not refunded when soccer registration is cancelled as community

membership fees enhance community spirit and go beyond the soccer program.


I, the parent/guardian of the named player understand and accept the risks to the player through his or

her participation in activities associated with soccer, which may include the risk of serious and

permanent injury and potentially death. Therefore, in consideration of the Valley Ridge Soccer Club and

the Valley Ridge Community Association (VRSC and VRCA, respectively) permitting the player to

attend and participate in any of its activities, events or games, I, on behalf of and for the player, his or

her heirs, representatives, executors and administrators, do hereby release (each of the following being a ‘Released Party’) VRSC and VRCA, and all facility providers (such as gyms, soccer fields and soccer centers where an activity, event or game may take place) and all directors, officers, employees and

agents of such parties, from any and all claims, demands, damages and causes of action which may

arise out of or in connection with any loss, injury or damage to the player or their property which may

be suffered or incurred while attending or participating in (including transportation to and from) a VRSC

activity, event or game, regardless of whether or not such loss, injury or damage arose by reason of the

negligence of a Released Party. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless all Released Parties

from any and all losses, claims, demands and damages that may be suffered or incurred by any

Released Party arising out of or in any way connected with the player’s attendance at or participation in

any such activity, event or game.

Name of Child(ren):______________________________________________________________

Name Parent or Guardian: _______________________________________________________



Coach and Player Code of Ethics




The coach must act with integrity in performing all duties owed to athletes, the sport, and other members of the coaching profession and public.



The coach must strive to be well prepared and current in order that all duties in the respective discipline are fulfilled with competence.


Athletes Interest

The coach must act in the best interest of the athlete’s development as a whole person.


Personal Conduct

The coach must maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and support the principles of fair play.


Respect for the Rules

The coach must accept both the letter and the spirit of the rules that define and govern the sport.


Respect for Officials

The coach must accept the role of the officials in providing judgment to ensure that competitions are conducted fairly and according to the established rules.


Responsibility to Other Coaches

Courtesy, good faith and respect must characterize the coach’s conduct towards other coaches.

Always be Positive with Your Players.

Positive encouragement will produce more improvement and better results

a)Soccer is a game of fun.

b)The laws of soccer should be regarded as mutual agreements, the spirit or letter of which no one should try to evade or break.

c)Visiting teams and spectators are honoured guests.

d)No advantages, except those acquired through superior skills, should be sought.

e)Officials and opponents should be treated and regarded as honest in intention.

f)Official decisions should be accepted without anger, regardless of how unfair they may seem.

g)Winning is desirable, but winning at any cost defeats the purpose of the game.

h)Losing can be a triumph when the team has given its best.

i)The Ideal must be the greatest good for the greatest number.

j)In soccer, as in life, treat others as you would have them treat you.

k)To participate in competition in a mature manner requires that you:

l)Resist frustration,

m)Face stress with logic, and

n)Accept failure intelligently. 

Be gracious in victory as well as defeat.



  1. Play the game for the game’s sake.
  2. Be generous when you win.
  3. Be gracious when you lose.
  4. Be fair no matter what the cost.
  5. Obey the laws of the game.
  6. Work for the good of your team.
  7. Accept the decisions of game officials with grace.
  8. Believe in the honesty of your opponents.
  9. Conduct yourself with honour and dignity.
  10. Honestly and wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of your team-mates and opponents.